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These days the use of Smartphones has increased to such extent that people now look for some better ways to stay connected to the world through mobile phones. Just the way, mobile apps seems to be ruling, you can spread your business profile to the customers across the world through responsive website design. The research also claimed that an individual person uses the phone for more than 100 times every day. Make the right use of such crucial moments and get a responsive website of your business. Along with publishing a website, you can maintain its track by using a new tool which Google has recently launched.

Know more about the tool launched by Google:

Google has recently come up with the best tool that helps you to track the performance of your mobile website. With such tool, you get a score on how well is your site responding. It also helps you understand whether it is mobile friendly and works at a better page speed than a desktop. This tool is helpful for the small businesses as it enables them to test the site and also understanding whether their site is working on the mobile as per the desired page speed tool. You can use this tool online after a small process of sign up to be done. Once you mentioned necessary details, you are free to use this tool.

Features of the tool launched by Google:

Google has always managed to come up with ideas that prove beneficial for the customers and the businesses. This time Google has come up with a tool which helps the business understand how use friendly their website for the customers who uses it through mobile phone. There are different aspects of such tool such as:

  • You get the score of your web page speed and also understand the usability of the site at one place
  • In case there is any error or new upgrade in the tool, the same will be notified to you by the web master.
  • You get the score from 0 to 100 depending on the ease of using this phone on the website

The purpose of this Tool:

This tool helps the business owners to reach the desired customers across the world by publishing a mobile friendly website. The tool consists of page speed and mobile friendly test by which you understand the changes that needs to be made. This tool focuses on reducing the technical issues which audience generally faces while using the mobile website and accordingly offers the right solution. It gives a proper idea on how your website will actually work on the mobile and what all changes are expected to be made. Even the non technical users can easily use this test and get the desired results.

If you are first time user, Google will provide you with necessary information that you can use to understand the working of such tool and how to analyze the test. With such tool you get a better idea on how you can make your website on the phone user-friendly.

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