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WebRank Technologies has rich experience in providing result-oriented Mobile SEO Services. We have a talented & knowledgeable team of optimizers having the required ability to rank your mobile website in search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing. With mobile subscribers’ base growing every day the need for Mobile SEO services has today reached its pinnacle.

Cell phones have become an important part of our daily routine hence; online businesses are using it in order to reach maximum customers. Websites are now specially designed keeping the compatibility of cell phones in mind. People these days prefer shopping for their favorite products & services on the go. If your organization or online business has a mobile website and want to rank it higher in search engines you should definitely choose Mobile optimization services.

Why You Need Mobile SEO Services?

Search engines follow little different algorithm for indexing mobile websites. The layout of the mobile website is very different hence needs special optimization strategies. Smart phones, computer tablets or other handsets are small in size therefore optimization technique that is used should not spoil user experience. This process definitely requires expertise over Mobile SEO, so you should take services from a well-known organization.

Many brands are reporting that customers reaching their websites via cell phones. As per a recent technological report, it shows that 80% of travelling & retail organizations have a mobile-optimized site. The recent updates released by Google show that websites that are mobile friendly get more priority by Google to show up in top search results. The growing use of cell phones does make a good reason to take Mobile SEO services.

The number of mobile users has multiplied rapidly; this is only giving rise to mobile web browsing and Mobile SEO. Example: If you have a business of say baby toys and has a website that is not compatible with smart phones, customers will definitely not shop from your site. Just imagine, if the customer types the keyword “baby toys” in the search engine using cell phone it will show the relevant websites. As your website is not mobile friendly and you have not taken Mobile SEO services your site will not show in the top results. This can be very damaging from the business point of view because you are missing out on customers.

What Mobile SEO Services Covers?

Before starting with the Mobile SEO services a mobile friendly website design is created. This is because if the site is not mobile friendly it will be an uncomfortable experience for the user. The web-portal is restructured and content is reconstructed in such a way that its gives great viewing experience. Further, external style sheets and javascript are used for changing the page layout. Additionally, the size is changed into % instead of pixels as this will help in ensuring scale down. Furthermore, items in the CSS are re-arranged so that content is not pushed down or it’s distorted.

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WebRank Technologies is one of the premier SEO companies in India having expertise in offering Mobile SEO Services. We can definitely help you grow sales and improve ROI of your campaign. What makes us special is that you can get best Mobile SEO Services at pocket friendly prices.

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