The cut throat competition of website in search engine rankings is the ultimate obstacle for any company to succeed in the online space, and WebRank Technologies helps companies who needs a boost in their search engine rankings. The online marketing is an ocean and to SEO Services India is the prime element of digital marketing.

Companies who wish to go ahead and earn big profits, needs to go extra mileby working on their SEO, which is not an easy job since it involves careful analysis of their consumer behavior, implementing on-site and off-site optimization and several other tasks. Every industry requires special SEO strategy because the consumer search behavior is different for different industry.Some specific industry requires  more effort because of the high competition while some requires lesser effort for low or no competition not all.

Below are the list of some specific SEO industry, based on niche:-

Technology SEO: Technology is an umbrella term and include all tech related terms so this is meant for those companies involved in tech related products and services. WebRank Technologies is quite well versed in providing technology SEO for you.Technology keeps changing so an additional effort is required to keep everything updated with latest standards.

Software SEO: For companies offering software as a solution ( SAAS ) products or service requires special SEO treatment and the strategy there is entirely different. Software and its application is the ultimate focus, so it is not so easy, but the SEO professionals from WebRank Technologies excels at offering software SEO services.

Hardware SEO: Somehow related to software SEO, but the focus here is on sales and physical aspects of the business.Hardware products are targeted for the right audience and sales conversion is the goal. SEO should be planned accordingly.

Pharmaceutical SEO: Consumer search behavior of pharma products and services are completely different. Medicine are the prime product and most name of medicines are unknown to the consumers. So the search query is based on the niche of medicine. First a deep analysis is done before performing SEO strategies. Pharmaceutical SEO is highly important for pharma companies.

Health Care SEO & Dental SEO: Like pharmaceutical, healthcare is also a diverse category. Although related but needs a much wider approach, Here medicines are not only the focus rather insurance, medical services, medical equipment and solution are the prime target.Healthcare is full of competition so SEO is the die hard necessity . Similarly dental SEO is also different and competition is relatively higher in this space. People tend to explore the internet for their all dental related queries more than any other problems and there lies the opportunities. Companies indulged in dental care business needs an efficient SEO strategy to target the right audiences. WebRank Technologies has served numerous clients for healthcare and dental SEO and excels in the niche.

Telecommunication SEO: Now a days almost every business rely on communication that includes every means of it., so this is another fastest growing segment. To get noticed by the right audiences, Telecommunication companies need an effective SEO strategy and WebRank Technologies is there to help them.

IT Services SEO: IT services are in numbers and competition is really high so to play and win the game companies need to work harder for an effective marketing. And to do this nothing can be the better medium than internet itself, particularly SEO. WebRank Technologies optimizes sites for search engine in simplified manner.

Retail SEO: Somehow the most difficult SEO because it involves tons of analysis and execution. Retail is an umbrella term too, here the products and services, both are the focus of your business so extra efforts are required to cover all small aspects.

Dating Site SEO: People are highly active in dating sites and this is one of the hottest and profitable niche. Search for partner is an evergreen search and the bright opportunity follows here too. Separate targeted efforts are required to improve the rankings of dating site, from local to global aspects are considered and so it stands as a tough SEO. But WebRank Technologies will help you getting the right traction.

Real Estate SEO: One of the booming industries and full of competition too. Real estate is the most profitable business and companies invest tons of money to promote their brand and business. Online marketing is aresult oriented area where these real estate giants focus on. WebRank Technologies companies has served many real state companies and the results has been overwhelming.

Travel SEO: Most searched and competitive niche where the prime keywords include travel packages, hotels, restaurants etc. So companies involved in travel and tourism related services have to rank higher in search engines. SEO will gives a great boost in conversion rate.

Auto Dealers SEO: Getting extra customers for autodealers seems tough but can be made simple by the implementation of right auto dealer SEO strategy.

Doctor SEO: Unlike pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and dental SEO, this one is profession centric SEO where the focus is to improve ranking for particular doctor’s site or hospital’s site. The SEO is meant for doctors, local practitioners and hospitals.

Non Profit SEO: Non-Profit organization works for social benefits so their cause is non commercial and non appealing too. To avail support for their work, funds are required but without exposure of their work and contribution, it is almost impossible. Here Non-Profit SEO comes into action which improves the search rankings and thus brings the traction.

WebRank Technologies have tons of experience and expertise to help any industry to improve their online presence.

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