As a digital marketing company WebRank Technologies offers several services and there are some terms and conditions that all clients and users are deemed to be abide by. By reading the following content you, agree to following terms and conditions.


All service and sites information are served on your acceptance without any change in terms. You are not authorized to use the site for any unauthentic and unlawful propose which are prohibited by WebRank Technologies. You can not use information available on the site for any kind of offensive purpose that could came any harm or damage to any associates. No one is authorized to get access to any of services or networks, by any offensive means including hacking or password mining. Webrank Technologies reserves the right to modify or change any term and conditions at any point and period of time and all users and clients are labile to abide by the laws.


All contents published on WebRank Technologies pages and blog section are sole property of the company and no materials can be reproduced or modified or distributed in any format (text or visuals). Without written authorization, use of any content of the site are subjected to copyright and trademark right violation which could result in criminal and civil penalties.

Terms and Conditions for Clients

All WebRank Technologies client need to abide by the following terms before availing all SEO and online marketing services:-

  • Client should have no other duplicate websites, duplicate content (text, videos or pictures) duplicate or similar links with similar content.
  • Client should not have any redirects or doorway papers.
  • Client must not involve in any link exchange activities with any link farm or should not attempt any link spamming techniques.
  • Client must not interfere between any task executed by WebRank Technologies team.
  • It should be noted that 100% results is not guaranteed and any dispute issue will be sorted out by the Webrank Technologies teams only.
  • Web technologies believe in ethical online marketing and ethical SEO, so the client must not involve in any unethical ways of improving rankings.
  • All extra changes like search engine fees, ppc fees are to be born separately by the client.
  • Webrank Technologies will work on every weak areas so access to site’s backed and webmaster tool authorization should be given by the client.
  • Client accepts that their sites are not hosted on any free service, and in some cases the clients might be asked to change their hosting provider.
  • WebRank Technologies team may or may not use the clients pictures, logos, websites content etc.
  • For improving SEO rankings, and clients must not have any objection regarding the usage.
  • If clients sites lack in content they must provide extra content to make their site more content and media rich. All content creation by the web technologies team will #) incur additions costs to the clients.

Warranties and Loss of Services

The clients warrants to WebRank Technologies team at all times that , all the content and materials are not in breach of any rules and laws regarding IPR (intellectual property rights) of any other sites, obscene publications act 1959, corporation of misleading advertisement’s regulation 2000, deformation act 1996 and the consumer protection act.

WebRank Technologies is not responsible for loss including data damage and unavailability of files. The company is not liable for failures of any equipment or communication device as well.